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Everyone loves Laura Dern, but no one more than the folks at Netflix. They spent at least $100 million on Oscar campaigns and ended up with just 2 statues– one for Dern as Best Supporting Actress and one for the documentary “American Factory” which was actually made by Participant Productions and sold to Netflix.

Netflix spent a fortune — literally — on “The Irishman,” “Marriage Story,” “The Two Popes,” “Dolemite is My Name” and ended up pretty much with nothing. Meantime, Neon Films focused on “Parasite” and won four awards: Best Picture, Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best International Film.

Netflix will have to decide if they’re going to keep spending like drunken soldiers on holiday, or if they’re going to retreat to a more sanguine position. They learned that the Motion Picture Academy is still resistant to their profligate and often heavy handed ways. I can tell you that the movie press is exhausted, too.

After courting the press, paying for junkets all over the place, and so on, Netflix did something rather odd this weekend. Suddenly they weren’t interested in the press’s help. They gave two parties in a row at which the press was not invited. Other studios did just the opposite, but Netflix was done with us for now. Or at least until their next juggernaut begins.  But we’re all a little wiser after this campaign. And quite a bit more worn out.

As it happens, there wasn’t much for Netflix to celebrate, so it was just as well. The big hit movie party of the night was Neon’s, at Soho House in West Hollywood. Everyone wanted to party with the “Parasite” crowd. Everyone wanted to meet decorated director Bong Joon Ho. Indeed, when I approached the thick scrum of well wishers surrounding Bong, I was surprised to see past Oscar winner Marisa Tomei pop out of the crowd. We didn’t even know she was on the premises!

Meanwhile, in the front room of Soho House, none other than Quincy Jones held court. The almost 87 year old legend was surrounded by fans including LA Reid and his wife Erica Reid. A makeshift stage had been set for performances by K Pop group Ace. But the real attention was on “Parasite” executive producer Miky Lee, the woman who’d financed Dreamworks SKG when it was launched in 1995. She’s the granddaughter of the founder of Samsung. She spoke on the Oscar show about Bong, if you recall. It turns out Quincy has been in business with her for years.

“That’s my star!” he called out, while Miky– who is about four feet tall– was almost overcome by her own fans.


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