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Donald Trump’s 3rd State of the Union address, last night, was his lowest rated so far. Trump scored just 37.1 viewers across all cable and broadcast networks. That’s down 21 percent from last year’s 46.8 million.

On Fox News, Trump had his highest number: 11.6 million, which was up by .3 million from last year. But on CNN, only 2.8 million people tuned. On MSNBC, it was lower than 2.3 million.

On the networks, CBS was the highest– 4.5 million at the start, 3.8 million in the second hour. ABC and NBC notched fewer. In fact, Trump’s SOTU scored almost the same numbers as a daytime soap opera.

Altogether, “NCIS” on CBS and NBC’s “Ellen’s Game of Games” each at 8pm, won the night handily.

And back to those 11.6 million people on Fox News: 165 million people voted in the last presidential election. That Fox number is minuscule. But it shows that the conservatives are focused. Liberals didn’t watch MSNBC with as much interest and enthusiasm. That’s the takeaway from those numbers. 

The people who tuned up had better turn up in November, and vote Trump out of office. If they abdicate responsibility, the next four years won’t be pretty.

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