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Well, it’s not good news for fans of Adele.

The popular chanteuse hasn’t released a new album since her “25” album hit the streets in November 2015.

There was hope for and talk of new music this past fall, especially when she did a cover story for People (not Rolling Stone). That seemed like a signal she was ready to resume her career.

But an Adele insider who knows what’s going on tells me actually nothing is going on. There’s no activity and no sense of any new music on the horizon any time soon.

I did mention the recent flurry of news caused by Adele’s manager saying we’d “see something in 2020.” But my source says if that’s true, it’s out of focus with reality. There’s nothing in the pipeline.

Adele became very rich because of “25.” She’s literally Rolling in the Green. She doesn’t have to work again. She’s gone through a divorce, as well, which isn’t easy. You’d think giving the ex husband a chunk of money would be incentive to get back to work, but apparently not.

Maybe she’ll surprise us. Who knows? But you can’t always get what you want. Instead, we get a new Justin Bieber album. Life is not fair.

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