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Madonna’s Madame X tour may not make it through her remaining dates in London and Paris.

Last night– Wednesday– she cancelled her second show in Lisbon in five days. She cited ongoing pain and injury.

A source close to her tour told me on Tuesday night that Madonna was playing her shows “basically in pain and injured every night.” The source added: “She may just call it quits.”

The 61 year old is posting social media videos that show her using a cane for a blown out knee. Last night’s cancellation was her 9th since the tour began in September in Brooklyn.

The Lisbon cancellations are particularly hard because Madonna’s using local musicians from Portugal in her show. She appropriated them during her stay when adopted son David Banda wanted to play soccer in that country. There must be a lot of disappointment now that her appearances in Lisbon were cancelled.

As I write this, it’s 8:30 pm in Lisbon. Everyone’s holding their breath to see if the final show there will go on. Madonna doesn’t start a show before 10:30pm. An  announcement should be coming momentarily.

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