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Steve Carell will probably not return for a second season of “The Morning Show.” Nor should he.

According to reports from the Television Critics Association press tour, Carell doesn’t have a deal with the show for a second season. Thank goodness.

Carell played anchorman Mitch Kessler, who was sort of based on Matt Lauer. He was fired from “The Morning Show” after being accused sexual harassments and attacks. Why he was a character at all is a mystery since after the first episode it was clear Mitch was not redeemable in any way. As the season went along, things got worse. His character causes the death of another at the end of Season 1.

If “The Morning Show” on Apple+ is going to have a five season run, they’re going to have to come up with something more than #Metoo issues. The whole premise of season 1 is based on Lauer’s being fired, and women taking over the show which is unrealistically based on “The Today Show.” The final episode is a train wreck. So where they go from here really has to be thought through.

One good thing about “The Morning Show”: as I predicted, Billy Crudup has been a huge hit. He won a Golden Globe, and I think there will be more for him out of this. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are excellent. But the writing must be re-jiggered.

Carell should never have taken the role of Mitch. He has a fine movie career going, from “Foxcatcher” to “Cafe Society” to “Beautiful Boy” and “Vice.” Mitch is a character best forgotten at this point.

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