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Dr. Dolittle isn’t dead, but he’s dying fast at a local movie theater.

Receipts for Friday opening night including Thursday previews came to $6.3 million. That would indicate a $15 million three day weekend, maybe $18 million for the four day MLK weekend.

The Robert Downey Jr. film cost $175 million. This isn’t good news.

Using the Thurs-Fri combo of numbers, “Dolittle” edged out “1917” by $100,000 officially on Friday to be number 1. But really, that’s a fraud. The real “Dolittle” number for Friday was more like $5.4 million. (I am not a fan of counting Thursday previews in the Friday totals.)

Meanwhile, “1917” hit $60 million last night. For Universal, this is a gift considering they’ve got one of the worst movies ever and one of the best at the same time. As for another Universal film, “Cats,” it was last seen looking for scraps in the alley.

Elsewhere, “Just Mercy” starring Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan is up to $15 million after 24 days. No promotion, no awards push, the director has been MIA for months. But it’s such a good film, try and see it in theaters.



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