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It’s good news and bad for two box office stars this weekend.

Last night’s preview numbers for “Bad Boys for Life” and “Dolittle” tell very sharply contrasting stories.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence haven’t been on screen together for 16 years. But the third “Bad Boys” movie raked in a huge $6.3 million in previews last night.  They’re looking at a possible $50 mil MLK weekend. Sony Pictures has a nice sized hit on their hands.

But “Dolittle” did nothing on Thursday, just $950,000. The reviews are worse than terrible, the outlook for Robert Downey Jr. and his furry friends is miserable. The people most affronted will be passengers at the American Airlines terminal at JFK. The place is covered in ads for “Dolittle.” What I really found weird was that the character posters all had Downey on them, not the name actors who voice the animals. “Dolittle” will be a total write off of $175 million after this weekend’s quick open and close.

Some good news: “Little Women ” is headed to $80 million tonight.

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