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Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to have Ricky Gervais slice up the Hollywood Foreign Press last night in his Golden Globes monologue.

By the time Ricky had called the HFPA racists, and declared they didn’t know English, the rating started falling. They seem to have been the lowest ever for the Globes on NBC.

The show came out of NFL Football with 26 million in the audience. But in 9 o’clock hour it fell to 17 million, then 14 million, and ended the night with 12 million people holding on. This means that interest declined rapidly as the show progressed.

A big part of this was awarding movies no one has seen. “1917” is barely playing anywhere so far. But it was the big winner. And when it was obvious the Netflix movies weren’t going to win, viewers tuned out.

Also, there was no attempt made to highlight the year’s box office blockbusters. I hope the Oscars take heed: the viewing audience must see stars and nods to the movies they went to and paid good money for. They must be mixed in with the “art” films. The Emmys make this mistake, too. “NCIS” has 12 million viewers a week, but they’re not even mentioned on the Emmys.

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