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“Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker” will cross $400 million today. But it’s slowing down. At this rate, “Rise of Skywalker” will have a longer slog to $500 million domestically. This weekend will be key to its ultimate place on all time lists for box office.

Right now, “Rise” stands at $775 million worldwide. On the all time list of domestic films, “Rise of Skywalker” stands at number 38.

Meantime, Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell” added another $1 million to the slow but steady till. By Sunday they could be at $22 million.

But it’s not an easy go for mid level movies. Audiences are clearly choosing “Little Women” over “Bombshell” in the race between movies with predominantly female casts. “Bombshell” — a terrific film — has been handled strangely, to say the least, by Lions Gate. On Monday they had a SAG screening in…Brooklyn!

Tomorrow, they’re having one in LA’s Brooklyn, Sherman Oaks. Luckily on Saturday (this Saturday) director Jay Roach and star Charlize Theron will do a Q&A following a screening at the AMC Century City. The movie is about Fox News, headquartered in New York, and they had no premiere here.


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