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“Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” is starting its slowdown at the box office.

On the 11th day of release, “Rise” made just $15 million. This is in comparison to “The Last Jedi,” which made $27 million on its 11th day, although that was Christmas Day, 2017. So to be fair, on the 10th day of “Jedi”‘s release, it made $17 million. But still, “Rise” has already had its Christmas Day– its opening day.

The reality is “Rise” is now at $377 million, and “Jedi’ on the same day was at $395 million. The fall off between the two movies is starting now. What’s really unfair for “Rise” is the lack of a second holiday weekend. With New Year’s in the middle of the week, this coming weekend won’t be a holiday for most people. “Back to school” will mean Thursday. By the weekend, the audience will be on to new problems.

The whole box office will suffer, accordingly. And on Sunday night, movie fans will presumably be watching the Golden Globes and and not at the theaters. Here comes 2020, with built in problems.

For “Jedi,” New Year’s Day produced $13 million in receipts. Let’s see how “Rise” does. If you haven’t seen it yet I can’t give it away, but there’s a BIG cameo. Just sayin….

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