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Good weather sent people to the movies on Christmas Eve, mostly.

“Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” did $20 million, a drop off from Monday’s $29 million but not bad. When you think that that’s versus church attendance, the rebels did okay.

As I keep saying, Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell” has a steady following. It pulled in $545,000 last night, down just 1 percent from Monday. The attendance is steady, which means word of mouth is very good. Adults looking for something not in space, and not animated, are enjoying this film.

Meantime, “Cats” is pussyfooting around. On Monday the take was $1,370,000, which brought the total close to $8 million. Last night’s numbers are late coming in. But today the competition for eyes ratchets up with “1917,” “Little Women,” and “Just Mercy” all excellent, all demanding our time.

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