Home business Monday Box Office: “Skywalker” Crosses $200 Mil on 4th Day, “Richard Jewell”...

On the fourth day in release, “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” made $29 million and passed the $200 million mark. It’s at $206 million. Sure, no one likes it but they keep going back to see why. LOL. Movie is up to $434 million worldwide. In four days.

“Richard Jewell” made $550,000 and crossed the $10 million mark. Go go go! This movie has a consistent audience. See it today or tomorrow. It’s worth it. Merry Xmas, Clint Eastwood.

Starting to pick up steam: “Bombshell.” Great movie, Jay Roach did a wonderful job. Acting is top notch.

“Cats” has gone stray. Keep refreshing…

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