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Justin Bieber is lookin’ tuff. He’s all inked up for Christmas on Instagram. He’s got leather and chains, and he’s pouting in front of a piano he’s wrecked with graffiti. He’s so cool. He’s Mad Max After Thunderdome.

Still campaigning for Most Irrelevant Person in the Universe, Bieber is now threatening us with not one but three new singles, spaced a week apart, starting tomorrow, Christmas eve. That’s right, he refuses to let the year end a new one begin in peace.

Will these songs have bird calls again? Or will they reflect his shopping mall Christianity? Bieber has also posted audio clips on his Instagram account from Chelsea Smith, a Hillsong church pastor from Seattle and Los Angeles. It’s more homilies with home fries. So no more songs about getting laid or spitting on fans– it’s all spiritual now?


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December 24, December 31, January 3 … #2020

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