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Lana del Rey’s “Norman F—ing Rockwell” is probably the Album of the Year should get the Grammy Award. Now Lana has released a 14 minute video set to a medley of songs from that album. It’s extraordinary, please watch it. These songs are so wonderful, their melodies are like little holiday gifts. She’s very Joni Mitchell at times, and then again not– it’s almost like the whole thing is a tribute to Joni. The director is Caroline “Chuck” Grant, Lana’s sister. Lana (Elizabeth Grant) edited the film herself. (The Grant sisters have a brother named Charlie.) What a brilliant effort. If MTV were smart, they’d play it once an hour.

The three songs are “Norman Fucking Rockwell,” “Bartender” and “Happiness Is a Butterfly.” Just gorgeous and so well composed. Lana del Rey is the most gifted of all the ladies out there right now writing and recording music. She’s just on another level. Brav-oh!

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