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Audiences were somehow communicated the idea that “Richard Jewell” wasn’t for them.

But with “Star Wars” pulling in kids, and “Cats” growling in a different direction, Clint Eastwood’s jewel of a film is attracting fans.

Last night, “Richard Jewell” made $755,000. It was up 84%  from Thursday. What’s happening is that adults need a movie. They’re trying Eastwood’s film, liking it, and telling their friends. The $10 million mark is in sight.

Sadly, the movie has all but been abandoned. There was a tempest in a teapot about Olivia Wilde’s reporter character being portrayed inaccurately, but that seems to have died down now.

It’s possible, too, that Academy members are watching “Richard Jewell” either at home, in screenings, or in the movie theater. There are four Oscar nominate-able performances in Eastwood’s movie, from Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, and Wilde.

Also, just the idea of Eastwood making such a great film at age 89 is mind blowing. “Richard Jewell” is better directed than 99% of what we’ve seen this year.

So please– see it tonight. Or this week coming up. Just like “Bombshell,” “Just Mercy,” “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” these are artful movies for adults made with great craft that people will enjoy if they just take the chance.

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