This is a cat-astrophe.

“Cats” made just $550,000 last night in previews. The weekend gross will be dismal, a total failure, a flop, and will inspire puns and cliches now and forever.

Of course maybe the weather was bad or something. I do feel sorry for the performers who worked hard. Everyone did. But “Cats” was a terrible show on Broadway. It’s impossible to translate something bad and hope to spin gold. It can’t happen.

But I say, go see it anyway. There are plenty of great performances.

I think now we know why Taylor Swift, James Corden, and Idris Elba skipped the premiere party at Tavern on the Green Monday night. James Corden wouldn’t even come out on stage for introductions at Alice Tully Hall. He was hiding under a bed, like any scaredy cat!

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