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The box office will be crazy tonight as “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” opens tonight in preview shows around the country.

Because we don’t like to give away actual spoilers, no one knows yet about major surprises in the final installment of the franchise. There are HUGE ones. And once the word spreads about a cameo, and a plot twist at the end of the movie, that should send the numbers over the top.

So far, audiences have no idea what’s actually in the movie. Half or more of critics and bloggers have panned the film because it doesn’t expand “Star Wars” or isn’t adventurous enough. But they don’t seem to realize, this is THE END, the last chapter, and this movie is about tying up loose ends and bringing 42 years to a conclusion.

Director JJ Abrams does all of those things. And when the audiences start seeing the film tonight, the box office is going to take off like crazy. I just hope the fans can keep themselves from writing about specifics on social media. The temptation to announce what happens is severe. But clamp it down, kids. Let’s not ruin it for others!

And no, Jar Jar Binks does not make a comeback! But “Marriage Story” now has an ironic moment in it, and I wonder if it’s intentional.

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