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Mr. Drysdale and Miss Hathaway will be right over with the paper work!

Rupert Murdoch’s son, Lachlan, has reportedly bought the mansion used for “The Beverly Hillbillies” for $150 million.

Can we cast this show? Lachlan is Jethro. Rupert is Jed Clampett. Rupert’s mom, who lived to be 104, is Granny. Jeri Hall is Ellie Mae. James Murdoch? He can be Jethro’s long lost twin.

No one better to play Milburn Drysdale, the idiot banker, than Donald Trump. And Miss Jane Hathaway? Why, that credit goes to Kellyanne Conway.

Seriously, Lachlan Murdoch paid $150 million for the Bel Air mansion used to depict the Clampletts’ home. You may recall they struck oil in the Ozarks and moved to the Hills of Beverly.

The Clampetts came from Hooterville, which is sort of the equivalent of Australia. They left behind the cast of “Petticoat Junction”– which could be played by the Kardashian family. Imagine Caitlyn Jenner popping out of the water tower after a quick dip on a hot day!

The Murdochs are generally thought to be the inspiration for HBO’s searing satire, “Succession.” But suddenly this all makes much more sense!


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