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The schism between New York and Los Angeles film critics grew bigger today. LAFCA, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and not a potato pancake, named the Korean movie “Parasite” best film of the year. Bong Joon Ho’s social satire-slash-horror film won the Cannes Film Festival this year.

LATKA could have named “Parasite” best foreign language film and cited an English language film as best. But they didn’t. Instead they chose Pedro Almodovar’s “Pain and Glory” as foreign film. Okay?

Bong Joom Ho was named Best Director. (Note: Washington DC film critics group did the exact same thing tonight.What can you do?)

They also named Song Kang Ho of “Parasite” as best supporting actor. They really liked “Parasite,” got that? Best Actor went to Pedro Almodovar from “Pain and Glory.”

Even crazier: Best Supporting Actress is Jennifer Lopez in “Hustlers.”

Best Actress went to an offbeat but I do believe excellent– in this case– choice Mary Kay Place, from the indie film “Diane.” That’s an inspired choice.

I guess the LA critics were just tired of Tarantino, Scorsese, Mendes, Baumbach, Gerwig, and the English language. But by going this way they’re not doing anything to help anyone and at the same they lessen their already minimal influence. It’s one thing that they rejected Scorsese– he’s too New York, too smart. But to also rebuff Tarantino’s ode to their own city and its past. LOL LAFCA.

LAFCA is also giving Elaine May a lifetime achievement award after she’s already feted on the East Coast by everyone including the Tony Awards. But she deserves every accolade she gets.

“Parasite” is an odd duck of a movie. In the US it made $18.9 million, which is huge for a foreign film these days. I loved the social satire part of it, but when the violence comes, fast and furious, it jumped the shark for me. Still, it’s one of those movies now that ‘knowing’ people just love in cocktail conversation. It’s got currency.

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