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Chris Martin can’t be too happy right now. Coldplay’s new album has turned into a sales disaster. The reasons are unclear.

Coldplay appeared on “Saturday Night Live” two weeks ago and seemed to have a success. There were predictions of sales of 80,000 for the album’s debut week, including streaming.

But “Everyday Life” sold just 48,000 including streaming. Pure sales were a shockingly low 36,000.

This past week, the album dropped 70% and sold just 15,000 copies. Pure sales were just 9,288.

Just before “Everyday Life” was released, Martin announced the band would not tour behind it because of “environment concerns.” WTF? That was like admitting the album was bad, and that no one would come to a show.

I don’t know the history of how Coldplay got into such trouble, but now they must re-evaluate their strategy. Did Coldplay fans just not like this record? Let me know at showbiz411@gmail.com.

Poor Chris, he may have get job answering the phone at Goop!


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