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Alannis Morissette’s famous album, “Jagged Little Pill,” opens on Broadway tonight. Producers are crossing their fingers for exultant reviews to spur ticket buying by tomorrow.

So far “Jagged Little Pill”– directed by Diane Paulus and much hyped from its ART production in Cambridge, Mass.– isn’t a sell out. On Ticketmaster there are plenty of seats at all prices for all performances. On Wednesday December 27th– the prime matinee/evening performance day of the Christmas holiday– there are a lot of choices.

“Jagged Little Pill” has also turned up on discount sites like TDF and Goldstar.com. On the latter there are some pretty good deals.

This past week, the fourth in previews, saw a second gross below $1 million after the first two weeks met that mark. This could mean poor word of mouth. But again, good reviews will reverse that.

The show’s success will really depend on nostalgia for Morissette and the album, which was wildly popular back starting in June 1995 for a year. If you were a 15 year old girl then, you are now a 39 year old woman whom the producers hope will have disposable income and misty feelings.

Once “Jagged Little Pill” ran its course, Morissette released some more albums, but nothing close to this success. I do remember a song called “Thank You, India” that thanked a lot of countries for buying her music, and she was naked in the video except for a big guitar.

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