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It was here, and now it’s gone.

A week ago Friday, Celine Dion topped the album sales chart with her comeback collection called “Courage.” She sold around 116,000 copies, most of them CDs and paid downloads. There was no sign of her streaming or being played on the radio. The RIAA and other groups counted sales of the album as part of a ticket bundle for her concerts.

This past week, Week 2, “Courage” vanished from the charts. Sales plunged 95% as the ticket bundles were counted. “Courage” sold around 3,400 copies. With streaming of the album or its tracks, hitsdailydouble.com and Buzz Angle Music had it up to around 5,600 copies.

The good news is that amazon.com is listing the Celine CD at number 27.

This is what happens when album sales are bundled with ticket sales. You get a one week publicity hit, and then it’s gone. I guess it took Courage for Celine’s team to do it, but her audience is simply not buying new music from her. They want to hear “My Heart Will Go On.” I’d like to hear “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” just once, and not again.

C’est la vie! At Caesar’s Palace, Celine will go on. And keep making a fortune.

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