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This might be the most expensive commercial in eons. Xfinity (Comcast) got Steven Spielberg to agree to let them make a short sequel to “ET: The Extra Terrestrial,” one of the most successful and beloved films of all time.

In the short video, Elliot–still played by Henry Thomas– is revisited by ET. He introduces his kids and his wife to his old pal. The video repurposes scenes from the movie so that ET seems like he’s newly interacting with Elliot and his family. ET says: “Ell–eeee–ott,” and Eliott responds, “You came back!” ET is thinking, “For money, I am always available. Who has the streaming rights?”

The original film was released in 1982, was nominated for Best Picture, and made a zillion dollars around the world.

If you’re wondering how this came about, Xfinity is the trade name for Comcast Cable, which also owns Universal Pictures, which owns “ET.” They simply looked around said, How can we plunder our catalog? For Henry Thomas it was cool since he was recently arrested in Oregon for a DUI. He should have phoned home for a ride before getting behind the wheel!

Is this the beginning of this sort of thing? Will Richard Dreyfuss be revisiting “Close Encounters” next? Please god, no. But with James Dean returning to the movies after 64 years, I guess anything and everything is possible.

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