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Nothing succeeds like success.

Back in 2013, when no one knew what “Frozen” was or who Elsa was, Disney’s then new animated feature didn’t hit $200 million for 33 days.

Today, “Frozen 2,” the sequel, will cross that line after just 7 days.

The original “Frozen” made only $400 million during its theatrical release in the US. The sequel already has half that amount in just a week.

Worldwide, “Frozen 2” will cross the $500 million mark this weekend. And it’s just getting started.

And it’s not just the movie that’s killing it. The soundtrack albums are number 1 and number 2 on iTunes, that’s the regular and deluxe. The latter has 46 tracks! Two songs from the album are on the singles charts, as well, although neither of them threatens to be as ubiquitous as “Let it Go.” One of them is called “Into the Unknown.” Read into that what you will.

So Disney needn’t wait for the new “Star Wars” movie to celebrate. They’ve got the whole world eating out of their hands, apparently.

This is ironic since I always thought “Frozen” was reference to Walt Disney himself, in the after life. But that’s another story!


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