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Taylor Swift finally appeared on he American Music Awards Sunday night. This followed her brouhaha over songs she might not be allowed to sing thanks to the deal she made with her old record company.

In addition to a medley of older hits, she stuck it to the Grammy Awards and performer “Lover,” her big current hit. Swift was snubbed by the Grammys for Album and Record of the Year for “Lover,” getting only Song of the Year. It’s unlikely the Grammys will invite her to sing “Lover” now or that she’d event want to. She got the last laugh.

Carole King presented Swift with her Lifetime Achievement Award for Artist of the Decade.  She said Taylor is one of the few current pop stars whose name is the sole one to appear in her songwriting credits. (Actually on her new album that’s true of one song, “Lover.”)

In the end Taylor sang a medley of her hits up til and through the “Reputation” album on Big Machine. All the girls in the audience sang along. Each song was choreographed and had its own set. Page Six wrote earlier in the week that she was in London and couldn’t possibly pull together a performance. Uh huh. For “Shake it Off,” Camilla Cabello and Halsey joined her on stage.

All in all, it was a great showing for Swift.

Swift first praised the performers who were with her on stage. She gave Carole King a lovely tribute. “All that matters to me is the memories I’ve had with you guys, the fans, over the years.” Swift said.

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