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Scooter Braun, who made a fortune managing Justin Bieber, is the guy who bought Taylor Swift’s former record company, Big Machine. Taylor Swift’s fans have targeted him, he says, as the villain in this saga of ownership of Swift’s master recordings. He essentially became a partner with Taylor’s former boss, Scott Borchetta. With the heat on, Braun has posted a note to Swift on Instagram after receiving, he says, threats at home.

Is it a note of conciliation? It reads a little passive aggressive. It sounds like he’s blaming Taylor for the threats, for not speaking up again since them. And why isn’t this being handled by their high powered attorneys? Why is it being negotiated on social media? Very peculiar.

Taylor’s response is going to come Sunday on the American Music Awards. She’s very clever. Will she break into “Give Peace a Chance”? We’ll see…

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