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Paul McCartney has dropped two new surprise tracks, “Home Tonight” and “In a Hurry.” Paul, 77, is supposed to be writing a Broadway musical, has been touring, had a long new album out last year. But he never stops. And we’re lucky for that. And guess what? They’re really good, of course. He must dream melodies. Or as McCartney said to Stephen Colbert recently, “Maybe I am a genius.”

Both songs are from the “Egypt Station” sessions and produced by Greg Kurstin, the busiest producer right now and most successful. They should have been on album, frankly. “In a Hurry” is sort of a mini masterpiece, and sounds like a sequel to “She’s Leaving Home” and “Another Day.” Listen to all three together. The other piece of that song chain might be “Daytime Nighttime Suffering.”

“Home Tonight” is a concise, perfect little pop rocker, better than a lot of “Egypt Station” and a perfect single if we still had those. I’m sure the Sirius Beatles channel will be playing these, and I’d love to hear them in New York on Q104.3.

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