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Somehow, Taylor Swift really came out on top in this whole push pull thing with the American Music Awards.

Leading up to the Grammy Awards, it seemed like Taylor was in a bind. She couldn’t sing old songs on the AMAs because of her legal conflict. She couldn’t sing new songs from her “Lover” album because the Grammys– everyone thought– were going to restrain her from doing the same songs on both shows.

But then the Grammy nominations yesterday were a big surprise. They snubbed “Lover” except for the title track. Swift was left out of Album and Record of the Year. It was quite dumbfounding. I– and many others– expected her to get Album, Song, Record (for “Lover ” or “You Better Calm Down”). But she was left with just best song (“Lover”) and best pop solo performance.

This was akin to Justin Timberlake’s big snub a few years ago for his “20/20” album. There’s a good chance Taylor won’t even perform on the Grammys. She may have an Oscar nomination for her “Cats” song, and wait to appear on that program instead. Ouch!

So this Sunday, Swift could perform anything she likes on the AMAs. After all that sturm and drang, Swift could sing any or all of the “Lover” songs. So far, sources say, they don’t know what she’s settled on. But it’s sure to be a big deal and the cause for huge ratings.

We wait and see…

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