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Good news for soaps despite lackluster ratings and crazy rumors.

NBC, Sony TV and Corday Productions are ironing out a deal for “Days of Our Lives” to keep going. They just had their 54th anniversary, and now they’ll hit 55. (It will be the 56th season.) In the last couple of weeks, “Days” released its cast and announced an indefinite hiatus, which made a lot of people think they were cancelled. But really, what would NBC replace it with that wouldn’t irk the remaining 2 million fans? The answer: nothing. So they’re safe again, to tell stories of amnesia, paralysis, and switched babies. God bless.

At ABC, “General Hospital” ratings have been dismal, and there’s been no sign of life in a while. So somehow they got former long time star Jane Elliot to return for the holidays as Tracy Quartermaine. She’s been with the show on and off since 1978. All I remember is that when I was in college, she left her father for dead when he was having a heart attack. So a family reunion seems just about right. No word on how long she’ll stay. Eliot “retired” a couple of years ago at age 70 but she must be bored. She’ll stir things up and maybe get the ratings going.

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