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The Grammys theme this year is Revenge of the Ladies. After the debacle two years ago where it seemed that women were getting a bad shake, the ladies have triumphed over the men in nominations.

In fact, the now combined no-gender Best Pop Solo Performance category has NO men at all. The nominees are Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Lana del Rey, Lizzo, and Taylor Swift in one of her only nominations.

In Pop album, the only guy is Ed Sheeran. All the rest are female.

Were the men not singing in 2019? John Legend? Shawn Mendes? Like they didn’t happen.

Frankly, it was not a great year for the men of pop. But the Grammys left out a couple of obvious choices: Lewis Capaldi, the Scottish singer who had a huge hit all year with “Someone You Loved.” And Rob Thomas, one of the best pop singer songwriters of the last 20 years. The leader of matchbox twenty had a terrific album this year with “Chip Tooth Smile.” But the Grammys routinely ignore him for reasons that are inexplicable. Country pop singer Thomas Rhett also was overlooked.

So, game this year to the women. They’ve waited long enough.

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