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Kanye West is in his manic period. He declared himself the greatest artist ever, as decreed by God. He spent Sunday with televangelist Joel Osteen.

Now Kanye has announced he’s producing an “opera” called “Nebuchadnezzar” on Sunday November 24th at the Hollywood Bowl. Seats are up to at least $1,000 on Stubhub.com. Religion pays. Kanye has figured out a way to make money well beyond sneakers or downloads.

The “opera” will be directed by Vaneesa Beecroft, the Italian avant garde artist Kanye has worked with in the past. She mixes fashion and music, sort of like “Sprockets.” She’s put on Kanye’s odd beige runway shows for his ill fitting clothing. Now they’re taking on Jesus, who is King. Although, really, for Kanye, Cash is King.

Sounds like Kanye will be sampling Puccini’s “Nabucco,” about the longest-reigning monarch of the ancient Mesopotamian kingdom of Babylon. His fans will think he wrote it, Puccini’s dead so there’s no sampling fee, and maybe he’ll get Nabisco to underwrite it with Ritz crackers.

There’s a sucker born every minute. And Kanye’s finding them, one at a time.



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