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SUNDAY UPDATE: “Charlie’s Angels” totaled up $8.6 million for three days. It is a total write off unless some foreign territories suddenly loved it.

“Doctor Sleep” took a perma nap and “The Good Liar” was DOA. What a shame. Warner Bros. must take immediate action to ensure this doesn’t happen to “Just Mercy.”



Bosley must be turning in his grave.

Columbia Pictures’ latest installment of “Charlie’s Angels” is a total write off at the box office. Last night the Kristen Stewart version of the 70s hit TV show took in just $3.15 million, including $900K from Thursday. It’s possible the movie will make less than $7.5 million for the weekend.

Even if the number gets as high as $9 million, the party is over for the movie, directed by Elizabeth Banks. Basically, no one went and no one cares. That’s rough to say, but apparently true. This is WAY off from the already anemic $13.5 million the studio had predicted.

Stewart stars with two actresses no one knows anything about. I’m sure they’re lovely but I don’t know their names and you don’t either. So many ‘name’ actresses could have been hired, literally of any color or background. Plus, the movie lacks any sex appeal– the one thing “Charlie’s Angels” is supposed to have.

“Charlie’s Angels” isn’t the only box office disaster of the moment. Warner Bros. has two: “Doctor Sleep” and “The Good Liar” each took in $1.6 million. This points to a disturbing trend for that studio as nearly every “adult” oriented movie they’ve had this year has flopped.

There’s a real worry about “Just Mercy,” which I thought would be their Oscar entry. It’s coming soon, and no one I’ve talked outside the business has any idea what is it. Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan star in what should be the “Green Book” of this year. But there’s no buzz. I hope that isn’t a bad omen.

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