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Megyn Kelly’s big comeback on You Tube and Instagram has fizzled. She’s scratched up just 22,000 followers on the latter, and a mere 6 subscribers on the former.

For her big interview with Ashley Bianco, the 25 year old woman who has been accused of leaking Amy Robach’s off air rant during a break on ABC News about the Jeffrey Epstein story, Kelly has garned just 211,000 views over the weekend. The YouTube post also has had a meager 1,564 comments.

Kelly’s homemade video looks cheap, which is odd considering she got a payout of $69 million from NBC News earlier this year after being tossed over her blackface comments. The editing looks like a ping pong game, going back and forth between her and Bianco with every question. There’s no two shot of them to indicate they were even in the same room. Bianco looks like she’s reading off a script. Kelly’s rapid fire questioning isn’t appropriate for this kind of interview, either. It feels like she’s biting Bianco’s head off.

What’s odd about the whole thing is Bianco choosing to do this with Kelly. Kelly is in the journalism doghouse, and even when she had her Today show hour, she would have been the last stop for anyone with a story. If Bianco wanted to seem serious she could have gone to CNN or MSNBC or NBC. Or even PBS. Someone reputable would have taken her story, and she knows it. She’s already worked at two networks. Does she have a publicist or a lawyer? She’s been given terrible advice.

Kelly may have rushed the piece to capitalize on the imminent movie, “Bombshell,” in which she is portrayed in a knockout performance by Charlize Theron. Even though she was the “victim” in the Roger Ailes matter, I wouldn’t say Kelly comes off well. Making lemonade from lemons may not be so easy here.


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