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I seriously don’t know why this is going on and on and no one says anything.

I’ve just received a press release announcing that yet another “D” movie from Bruce Willis, this one called “Breach,” has a distributor. It’s low end Saban Films, which makes movies that you will never see. No one sees them. They fill space on VOD services. You can’t even say they’re DVDs anymore.

I’m worrying about Bruce. He’s in project after project from the bottom of the movie barrel, movies in which his name is used to get publicity, but he’s only in the film for a couple of minutes. In these movies, Bruce’s work is done in one way, two at most. Clever editing cuts around him, sometimes one or two lines are ADR’d in so it sounds like he has dialogue.

In “Breach,” it’s a sci fi thing, and two young guys are the leads. The director, named John Suits, has never made anything we’ve heard of unless you were a fan of “Pandemic” or “The Scribbler.” I mean, this is sad.

Bruce currently appears, briefly, in “Motherless Brooklyn.”

This is Bruce Willis, and he deserves a little better. He also cannot possibly need the money.

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