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Woody Allen and Amazon have settled their lawsuit to release four movies including “A Rainy Day in New York.” That one has made nearly $12 million in limited release abroad. I saw it last summer and liked it very much. It’s Woody’s best work since “Blue Jasmine.”

But Amazon freaked out two years ago when the #MeToo scandals broke and Woody was in appropriately lopped in with other predators. The accusations against never resulted in a legal situation, he wasn’t arrested or tried for anything. The accusations came in a custody case, were never proven. Unlike other men swept up in that scandal, Woody had one lone accusation, nothing else.

Amazon couldn’t the heat. They were in the midst of releasing his “Wonder Wheel,” which they abandoned, and then reneged on following through with the contract. “Rainy Day” was ready to go and they wouldn’t release it.

Since then, “Rainy Day” has been a success abroad and should be seen here. Woody made a new film this past summer in Spain with Chistoph Waltz and Gina Gershon. I’m sure he’s writing a new screenplay as we speak.

Woody did not marry his daughter or step-daughter. He married his girlfriend’s adopted daughter, who was over 21. They have now been together since 1992 and have two grown daughters. It is important to remember the facts. He’s a great filmmaker, one of America’s finest, and his work, his entire library, speaks for itself. I hope one day everyone in the US can see “Rainy Day” and enjoy it as I did.

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