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“Fresh Off the Boat” is sunk. ABC has cancelled the series are six seasons. This one will be its last.

Last spring, when the sitcom was renewed, star Constance Wu expressed disappointment. She wanted off the boat because of a burgeoning movie career in “Hustlers” and “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Wu wrote on Twitter: “F–ing hell. So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. F—.”

She backtracked after ABC obviously went batshit crazy. But that wasn’t enough. Wu’s punishment– and to the cast and crew — was early cancellation.  The show’s finale will be in February 2020.

“Fresh off the Boat” was never a great ratings hit, but it brought Asian Americans to the screen, which is important.

Ironically, Wu’s co-star, Randall Park, works all the time in film and TV, and never had any issues with being on the series.

Wu’s next movie is called “Low Budget Ethnic Movie,” which I guess is a comedy that will try to cash in on “Crazy Rich Asians.” As for an “Asians” sequel, that remains up in the air after a pay-parity flap between the screenwriters.


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