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You could say the Kardashians are the Walking Dead, ratings-wise.

On Sunday night, both “The Walking Dead” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” hit ratings all time lows.

The biggest surprise is that “Walking Dead” fell to just 3 million viewers (3.086 mil), down 300,000 fans from last week. The once proud AMC series is skidding to an ignominious end. AMC should wrap it up now. But they won’t.

The K’s were down to just 764,000 fans, losing between 150K and 200K viewers in one week. (Last week was 916K.) Not even Kanye’s hit album has helped them.

Both shows air at 9pm which leaves the question, what are people watching on cable at that hour? From 8 to 10pm they’re watching Hallmark Channel’s latest Christmas movie. But otherwise, they are not watching cable really. They’re tuning in to football on the networks or taking in Netflix et al.

It’s entirely possible, based on the trend for both shows, that each will hit really low lows next Sunday. When “Walking Dead” falls below 3 million, and the K’s go under 700K, I propose a merger of the two programs! The K’s already have a number of zombies on their show. It won’t be hard to write a cross over.

I do give credit to AMC PR: they keep pumping out “spoiler” stories each week, hoping someone will care what Negan does with his club of nails. I stopped watching the night he savagely killed characters off for fun. Evidently, I wasn’t alone.


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