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Donald Trump Jr’s book, called “Triggered,” was released to the masses this morning. It hit the Amazon best sellers list at number 3.

That’s right behind pre-orders for “A Warning,” by Anonymous, the mysterious anti-Trump tome by a member of Don’s dad’s administration who wants to keep their name secret. “A Warning” won’t be released for two more weeks, and so far no one knows much about it.

The number 2 book on Amazon is called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball,” which was the original name for “Triggered” until his publisher discovered it was already taken.

That’s a joke, the last part, but here’s something not so funny: both the Don Jr book and “A Warning” come from the same publishing company, Hachette. “Triggered” is from their Nashville-based imprint, Center Street Books. They also publish “Judge” Jeannine Pirro and Newt Gingrich. How’d you like to be on those conference calls?



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