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Good news and bad news. Sony will release Harry Styles’ second solo album, called “Fine Line,” on December 13th. It will include his single, “Lights Up,” and follow his publicity barrage that began in September and finds him hosting “Saturday Night Live” on November 16th. A second single will drop on November 15th.

Bad news, though: Adele will have to wait. Sony is so busy with Harry, Celine Dion, Lil Nas X, and so on that there’s no room for Adele now even if she were ready. My guess is we see something for Adele at the Grammys on January 26th. A single, maybe? And then I told you about the James Bond situation. The movie drops in April, maybe with an Adele theme song.

Sony is back, they’re on a roll. It took time, and some people didn’t have any patience (like me). But they’re cooking again!

PS Harry’s album must be really good since the label has chosen Friday the 13th!


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