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Netflix, which doesn’t put movies in theaters for very long, still likes the great old New York palaces.

Right now they’ve got “The Irishman” playing to sold out crowds at Broadway’s Belasco Theater.

Next Sunday, they’re taking over the dormant Paris Theater across from The Plaza Hotel to premiere “Marriage Story.” The Paris has been closed for several weeks, and still has the marquee poster for Ron Howard’s “Pavarotti.”

The owner of the building that houses the Paris — real estate magnate five time billionaire Sheldon Solow and his son — shut down the Paris on September 1st.

But Netflix is smart, and knows that the Paris adds prestige to their films. They’ll run “Marriage Story” there for about three weeks beginning November 6th and ending the 28th. They may cut a deal to follow with their other Oscar-buzzed movies, like “The Two Popes.” Maybe when “The Irishman” finishes up at the Belasco, it can move there. (This is just hopeful daydreaming.)

Here’s an idea: why don’t they just buy it and call it the Netflix Paris?

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