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Todd Phillips’s “Joker” is dark, a little depressing, and kinda violent. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is outstanding. So are the all visuals, etc. In the last couple of weeks, a meme has taken over as fans — either set up or spontaneous– have flocked to the Bronx’s Shakespeare Avenue steps to re-enact the Joker’s jolly jaunt.

And now, the box office worldwide is eyeing 1 billion dollars. This movie has been a phenom. Tomorrow it crosses $300 million just in the US. “Joker” has held the number 1 spot for weeks. Obviously there are repeat customers. Arthur Fleck’s pathetic life has definitely struck a chord. And so far, thank goodness, no one’s gotten hurt.

For Warner Bros, “Joker” is a lifesaver. The studio tried a bunch of smaller dramas this year and really got burned. Edward Norton’s “Motherless Brooklyn” is out this weekend, it’s a dud. But it did inspire some “Ed Norton” puns from boxofficemojo.com. Hey, Art Carney would have been great in “Motherless Brooklyn.”

The big happy news is that “Harriet,” starring Cynthia Erivo as Harriet Tubman, did better than predicted this weekend. Receipts on the underground railroad were $12 million. Erivo is heading to an Oscar nod for Best Actress and she’ll get a best song nomination. Cool stuff.

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