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The last Terminator movie, “Genesys,” made $26 million in its first three days of release back in July 2015. That was a mid week opening so it’s hard to compare. But the new “Terminator” — which sent Linda Hamilton into extra sit ups — is about the same. It made $10 million last night. Maybe that’s a $30 million weekend, but probably less. Who wants to see this?

“Jojo Rabbit” expanded to 256 theaters and made $730,000 last night. The rabbit is nibbling at the box office. I’m waiting for it be to boiled. Let’s see if it can scamper away from the pot.

Edward Norton’s “Motherless Brooklyn” is not going to work out. Audiences must realize Bruce Willis is only in it for 15 minutes and doesn’t do very much. Still, the whole noir aspect is excellent, and Norton remains a fascinating actor. But last night’s take was just $1 million in just over a million locations. Warner Bros. was brave to release it, it’s not in their wheelhouse. But they’ve tried a lot of smaller movies this season, and deserve credit for it. “Joker” is their bread and butter.

Paramount is trying to leave “Gemini Man” in theaters until it reaches $50 million. That’s like a death by paper cuts. They’re five mil away.


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