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Yes, it’s true. “The Walking Dead” has found a new low ratings milestone.

The once blockbuster tribute to zombies and the people who love them sank again on Sunday. Their total viewership was 3,305,000.

Negan and pals were not the most watched cable show in their time period, either. That distinction fell to a “90 Day Fiance” Special on TLC.

Maybe it’s time to fix Negan up with a new betrothed, definitely a zombie, and see if their families approve of the union. “90 Day Fiance” scored 3.340 million. It’s a just few more people, but they all heads and full dental work (which you can’t always say for people on reality shows).

Elsewhere at 9pm, the Kardashians had just 916,000 viewers on the E! channel, and most of them were actual zombies. HBO’s excellent “Watchmen” series at 9pm brought in 765,000 fans. But that series is just warming up. Whereas the others are over cooked.



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