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Here it is…”Jesus is Coming.” After weeks of delays and then an overnight of delays. And I ‘ve got to say I’m pleasantly surprised. Kanye is not a singer, musician, or preacher. But when he’s in the zone, he’s an excellent producer and impresario. I’m not particularly interested in modern Christian gospel but Kanye has managed to mix and arrange a kind of gospel scrapbook.

Ye’s also very talented at finding samples, and there are plenty in “Jesus is Coming.” They fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. So the late great James Cleveland has been repurposed for a new version of his own “God Is.” Yoko Ono finds her way into “Water.” An old record called “Can You Lose By Following God” by Whole Truth is the foundation of “Follow God.” And “Use This Gospel” features Kenny G, of all people, perfectly deployed. For what it is, “Jesus is King” should get an A. Plus we get this terrific singer, Ant Clemons.

But why is Chick-Fil-A plugged so much? Even if it is tongue in cheek. No curse words, either. So “Jesus is Coming” at least can be played without flinching.

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