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Just as I told you a few weeks ago, Harry Styles is about to hit us with his best shot.

Harry was on the cover of Rolling Stone over Labor Day weekend. That was the opening gambit.

Then a couple of weeks ago, he released his “Lights Out” single with no notice. It hasn’t been a big seller, but it was notice that the second album by the One Direction singer was on its way.

Now Harry has booked “Saturday Night Live” for November 16th as guest host and musical guest. The whole show will be about Harry, who we know definitely has acting chops. He’ll sing “Lights Up” and another song from the new album, which I would bet good money is dropping on November 15th, the day before “SNL.”

Sony Music has its hands full this month. Also on the 15th, they’ve got a new Celine Dion album for the leather loafer set. Then they’ve got a potential Adele album or at least a single. At this rate the Adele album may wait til after the new year, maybe for the Grammys, or even April. Why April? There’s a reason, we’ll have wait a little and see.


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