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There was a time when 17 million people tuned in on a Sunday night to see “The Walking Dead.” That time is over.

Now in its 10th season on AMC< the show itself is a zombie, left to walk dead with a fraction of its fans. Who knows why they're still watching it? On Sunday, just 3.5 million watched the show. That was down slightly from the prior week, but off by over a half million people from the first week of this season, which was 4 million. The key demo has dropped each week as well, whittling away from 1.44 to 1.19. Sunday night football has made a big recovery, so that's drawn off viewers. But also, the show should be over. Andrew Lincoln and many other actors are gone. The zombies won, frankly. Now we'll just watch as the numbers drain down over this season to nothing. Listen: fewer people are now watching "Walking Dead" than watch a daytime soap opera or game show.

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