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Kanye West will unveil his “Jesus is King” film tomorrow in Los Angeles. The tickets are free for the first performance, and they’ll be given away via Ticketmaster at 10am Pacific Time.

Then the movie will open Friday, and the album, after many delays, will be available. At least this is the official word from DefJam. It seems like they may finally have this project under control.

No word yet about platforms for streaming the album. And it looks like there might be a blue vinyl version from the evidence of the logo, or maybe not.

The movie seems to be about a gospel choir singing in something called the Roden Crater, an art project in Arizona. Kanye didn’t direct the film or the choir, but he instigated the project so it’s a “Kanye West film.” Let’s hope it doesn’t crater!

Nothing in New York set for tomorrow so far.


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