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Well, well.

Just a few days after 16 new possible inductees’ nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we have a leading candidate.

On the RRHOF site, votes have poured in from the public. These votes will be weighed against the nominating committee’s ideas. Then a real ballot will go out to all the members.

So far the highest number of votes has been garnered by 80s rocker Pat Benatar. She’s got 127,695 votes early in the game. Hot on her heels are the Doobie Brothers, Soundgarden, Depeche Mode, and Judas Priest. (If the latter gets in yikes.)

Not doing so well in the vote so far is the late rapper, Notorious BIG. I’m not surprised. He has nothing to do with rock. I can’t imagine why he’s on the list. He has 60,000 votes.

People who do have a lot to do with rock, the MC5, are at the bottom of the voting. Here’s an idea for new RRHall Foundation chairman John Sykes: just wave in a bunch of actual influential rockers and players who will never get in. MC5, J Geils, Chubby Checker, et al. Open the door and let ’em in. Wipe the slate clean. (T. Rex, too.)

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