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Harry Styles released “Lights Out” last week, mid week, with no warning or marketing. The result was a few sales counted before the week ended. But it did go to Number 1 for a minute.

A week later, “Lights Out” has been a dim prospect for Harry, who will release a new album soon. The single is at 23 on the iTunes chart. With sales (including streaming) at 80,000, “Lights Up” will finish third for the week. Its actual sales: 13,000 paid downloads this week, a total of 17,000 counting last week. I liked “Lights Up.” Maybe the next one will do better. But remember– Harry’s singles from his first album were not earthshaking sellers.

The singles chart is a strange place in this generation. Artists drop songs, they go to number 1 for 2 days, then drift away. Few singles stick around for months, making a lasting impression, Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” just passed its 13th month  birthday in the top 5. Now that’s a hit! Another Lizzo track, “Good as Hell,” debuted on March 8, 2016– three and  half years ago! It’s number 6 right now.

Katy Perry dropped a new track on Tuesday night called “Harleys in Hawaii.” There’s also a video. I don’t get it. These are just pedestrian songs. She can — and has done– so much better.

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