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Box office Friday:

“Joker” killed it Friday night with another whopping $17 million. That’s now a total of $154 million in 8 or 9 days, depending on how you count it. So Warner Bros. is celebrating a huge win after a disappointing summer and early fall counting “The Goldfinch.” That bird has flown. They should use all this money to pump “Just Mercy,” their Oscar movie with Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan.

Will Smith’s “Gemini Man” is DOA. The real Friday number is $5.9 million, plus the $1.6 million it made Thursday. Paramount may fall short of their low end $19 million prediction. But you know, Will Smith has survived worse outings. And this year he already starred in “Aladdin,” a big hit. He’s had tons of flops but they don’t seem to matter. Plus, he’s set for life, and he’s married to a very bright, talented actress (Jada Pinkett Smith). Maybe Gemini was just the wrong sign.

“Downton Abbey” crosses $80 million tonight. “Hustlers” flirts with $100 million this coming week, maybe by Monday or Tuesday.


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